Grow It, Cook It
Grow It, Cook It
Grow It, Cook It
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Type: eBook
Publisher: DK Publishing
Page Count: 81
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0756633672
ISBN-13: 9780756633677
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This wide-reaching title combines instructions for growing edible plants with recipes based on the harvest. The spreads, formatted in the publisher’s signature combination of numerous, high-quality color photos and small text paragraphs, begin with overviews of plants’ growth cycles and gardening basics, from soil to containers to pests. The book then moves on to pages focused on individual fruits and vegetables, each discussion followed by a related recipe or project. Such a wide agenda leaves little room for sufficient information to guide children through the intricate process of raising plants in their particular climate. The lush photos of ripening vegetables, though, will spark children’s curiosity and inspire them to learn more. Some recipes include specific suggestions for adult supervision, but most children will need help anyway as they prepare the delicious, often sophisticated culinary treats, such as small pumpkin tarts. An attractive introduction to both gardening and healthy meals, this title will be welcomed by adults seeking hands-on resources that discuss where food comes from. Grades 3-6. --Gillian Engberg


Photographic guidance for growing garden vegetables (and a few fruits) in containers is followed by recipes using what has been grown, like carrot and orange muffins. It s a nifty idea, though the estimated growing times don t allow for different climate zones or cultivated strains.
Some of the writing has an even more self-consciously dumbed-down air than that in most how-to books for children. But the instructional photo sequences get down to business sensibly enough, and the whole visual experience implicitly suggests the connection between freshness and flavor. --New York Times

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Free Grow It, Cook It pdf
| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Excellent book! I love the concept, the gardening and cooking are beautifully presented with full color photography, and the recipes are easy and good!

Our son is five years old and very interested in gardening and cooking. But I think even a child who hasn't already shown an interest could develop one from reading this book. A family doesn't need a big garden for most of the garden projects; most of the plants can be grown in pots, although the zucchini and pumpkin need space. The young gardener will learn about planting, germination, pollination, mulching, and composting. In the kitchen, children will learn simple cooking terms, such as "pour," "beat," "grate,", "whisk," and "blend." In the process, the budding chef will create delicious masterpieces such as Tomato and Eggplant Towers, Zucchini Frittata, Onion and Leek Soup, and Giant Beanstalk Stir-Fry.

Educational and fun!

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This book is a wonderful resource for families interested in growing fresh food and finding a yummy way to prepare it. We love the beautiful pictures and the simple layout. The information about how each plant grows was very helpful for our small home garden, and was simple enough for our children to understand too. The recipes are awesome - I wanted to try each one as soon as I read it! They are wholesome, simple, and delicious. I think our favorite is the "carrot and orange muffins".

Overall, I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to learn about gardening and cooking with children.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is a really great family book for fun and learning about food and gardening. Colorfully illustrated, this book shows fruits and veggies, how to grow them, and then fun recipes to make together.

Grow It, Cook It isn't just for people with lots of yard space either. It shows growing out of pots too. And even if you don't grow your own food, its really education for kids regarding HOW their favorite foods grow. The recipes are a great addition to any family all on their own.

My sister in-law had one and I promptly ran out and got one for our family after flipping through it. Such a great book!

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