Tcl/Tk in A Nutshell
Tcl/Tk in A Nutshell
Tcl/Tk in A Nutshell
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| 2 out of 5 Stars!

This book really needs to be updated for the latest version of Tcl/Tk, as there have been a number of important additions since it was published in 1999. For example, all the new string commands and regular expression enhancements added in 8.1, the new file operations added in 8.3, and the new list commands added in 8.4, not to mention all the new Tk widgets (e.g. spinbox, panedwindow). To learn about all the new features, I'd recommend that you get the latest version of Brent Welch's "Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk" instead. The documentation that comes with Tcl/Tk is the ultimate authority, and is basically what this Nutshell book consists of, albeit for the old 8.0 version. It's basically just a copy of the old manual pages.

I think this book is just too old to be useful anymore, especailly since if you have Tcl/Tk installed then you already have all the current documentation. And there are virtually no examples given. The Chapter on The Tcl C Interface is basically the contents of the tcl.h header file. One reason I give it 2 stars instead of just 1 is that it does have some chapters on some popular Tcl/Tk extensions, like Expect, Tclx, Tix and Blt, even though they're pretty much just the manual pages for those extensions.

| 3 out of 5 Stars!

this is the tcl book i keep handiest, even though it doesn't offer me much of anything beyond the manual pages. what it does offer is a compendium of tcl, tk, expect, tix, blt, itcl, itk, tclx, and the like's references.

i've always been disappointed in tcl's online documentation. you can easily reproduce the lion's share of this book by just printing out the manual pages. however, having them bound and handy can be a relief. it does include some sample code (which you can typically find online), adding some value.

it's a nutshell book, though, and nutshell books are typically like this. o'reilly's had this series for years and they've always been of questionable value for some people (myself included). you wont learn a language this way, you wont even improve your programming this way, you'll just have a handy printed reference manual. i haven't yet found it to be incorrect (but i didn't go looking), so that's got to say something.

don't pay full price for this one.

| 5 out of 5 Stars!

The previous reviewers seemed to think that this book would teach them the way of TCL/TK and were thoroughly disappointed. But what they failed to realize that this book is meant to be nothing more then a reference book. Perhaps if they had paid attention to the product description, they would have been prepared.

A thing to keep in mind, anytime an O'Reilly book has " a Nutshell" after the title... it's a reference book. Pure and simple. Say it with me, people. R-E-F-E-R-E-N-C-E. Not to be confused with "Master TCL/TK in 24 hours" or what have you.

So, keeping that in mind, as a reference book, it does a fantastic job as the rest have stated. Makes for a good "dictionary" so to speak.

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